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Monday was Suraya’s first cake decorating class. Check out her cupcakes…

She did an awesome job, don’t you think? Especially for a 7 year old! She was proud of her cupcakes, and she should be!

Her class was held at Michael’s. Before I picked her up, I went browsing around Michael’s. Really, how can I not?! You never know what inspiration will be found and of course deals! I got both on this trip!

This is what I got…

Sugar cookie scented candle jars and magnets. The candle jars were 3 for $10, and the magnets were from the $1 section. The creative juices were flowing:D With my two finds and what I had at a home, I came up with a simple and cute craft that I will share with you!

You will need the following as well…

Burlap and jute. I had wide burlap ribbon on hand, but you can use by the yard too. Go ahead and cut the burlap to the size of the jar’s diameter. I did forget to measure the twine, but basically you want it to go around four times with enough to tie a small knot. You will need a hot glue gun as well.

Step 1. First, remove the brand label. Then wrap the burlap around the jar to the back (if you are using wide burlap ribbon like I did, you will need to fold it to the proper height of the jar area to be covered) and glue the ends down. Be careful not to burn your fingers with the hot glue!

Step 2. Wrap the jute around the jar ending off with the ends in the back and knot them together. When you are wrapping the jute around the jar, you will want to keep the crisscross sections towards the back. Of course, you can cut four separate strands if you prefer.

Step 3. Hot glue one of the magnets in the center.

That’s it, you are done! See, wasn’t that so simple?

Wouldn’t they make a cute gift? As a candle lover, I know I would love them! That’s why I decided to keep this set for myself…Hehe! With a craft this simple, I can just buy some more jars and magnets to gift:D

Don’t candles look so pretty when they are lit up?

Hope you liked my embellished candle jar idea and tutorial:)

I will be linking this tutorial to these great parties. Please check out the parties, and as always, check out the other great ideas!