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Hehe, that makes me giggle:D (For original source, just click on the image.)

I’m sure most of you know what a Snowball Cookie is, either by that name or another. Even though that is not the original name for the cookie, it’s obvious why it adopted that name:)  I was actually introduced to the cookie as Mexican Wedding Cake, but referred to it as a “Snowball Cookie” before knowing it was already referred to by that name! A few days ago, as I was thinking of making the cookies, an idea popped in my head! I thought how cute would it be to invite a family member or friend to a friendly snowball fight by sending them a bucket of Snowball Cookies!

Hey, do you guys think my tag looks like a snowball? I sure hope so! My friend Esra was my consultant on the phrase… I bugged her with text messages asking her which phrase she likes best. Thanks for the input Esra and for allowing me to harass you;P

Originally the idea was intended for family and friends only, but then another idea came about after making the tag. It reminded me of “You’ve been booed“. This can be the winter version… You’ve been snowballed! You wouldn’t necessarily have an actual snowball fight with your neighbors, it only would be sharing treats or trinkets just like “Booed”. Unless, your neighbor is willing to!

Now, we just need some snow for the games to begin! I promise, no rocks:P

I would love to hear your thoughts ya’ll so type away!

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