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Hey ya’ll! How are you doing this fine Valentine’s Day morning? Did I leave you wondering in my last post? Are you ready to see what craft my guests made at my craft party? Some of you may have already guessed what it was from the last picture in that post. Did you guess Mod Podge coasters? Well, you got it right! We made doily wood coasters. Of course I had to include doilies in the craft too!

Each guest made two coasters with their choice of stamps. I had prepared the doily squares ahead of time for them, but each guest stamped their own doily. I made the doilies using my Martha Stewart puncher that I used for my doily napkins.

I’m not just here to share with you the craft we made, I’m going to show you how to make your own stamped coasters! How does that sound? If it sounds good to you, let’s get started!

Gather your supplies: wood tiles, white card stock, rubber stamps, brown stamp pad, Mod Podge, paint brush, acrylic sealant spray, and furniture felt pads. Sorry, I forgot to include the furniture felt pads in the picture, but if you are unsure what they look like you will see them in one of the step by step pictures below. Optional tool: edge punchers. If you don’t have punchers or don’t want to buy one, it’s ok. Here are some other ideas: leaving a straight edge, pinking shears, scrapbook scissors, or torn paper edge.

My wood tiles are 4″ squares, so I cut the card stock squares to about 3.75″. Then I went around and punched them. Check out my doily napkin post for a tutorial of how to use the punchers if you need help.

First thing, you will need to stamp your card stock squares. I love using the Versafine stamp pad because it dries instantaneously on card stock; no need to wait for drying. Don’t worry, I used a 50% off coupon for it! If you use other brands, read the instructions for drying time. Wait the full time before applying Mod Podge to avoid smudges.

Next, apply Mod Podge to your tile.

Place your stamped card stock on top of your tile and smooth it out making sure you have no air bubbles. With card stock, you will have less of a problem with air bubbles than with thinner paper.

Then apply your first thin coat of Mod Podge over the entire tile. Let it dry before applying your next coat (about 5 minutes for thin coat). Apply at least 2-3 coats; I like applying about 5 coats.

Once your final coat is completely dry, apply the acrylic sealant following the directions on the can.

Once dry, turn it over and stick on the furniture felt pads.

And you are all done!

I provided lace for each guest to tie their coasters together, and they took them home in their “carry all” bag!

Hope you enjoyed the craft and tutorial:)

Happy Valentine’s Day!!

I’ll be sharing today’s craft at these linky parties that can also be found on my Let’s Party page. See you there!