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Last week on Valentine’s Day I went thrift shopping. The thrift store I went to had a Valentine’s Day sale: anything pink, red, or with hearts was $1..it just needed to have a speck of any of the three and you got it for a $1. You better believe I found some fun stuff (hehe). One of them was a bird cage.

And I had the perfect spot for this cute cage. My spring mantel! But first, it needed a makeover to help it fit in:D

First, I cleaned it up and spray painted it with a fun bright yellow. I did prime it before painting it.

There was a slight problem with the cage… It opened from the bottom. That was going to make it a bit challenging to figure out what I can put on the inside and have it sit up properly. So to make it easy and working with what I had on hand, I stuffed it with vintage teal colored lace that had golden yellow specks in it. I know not much of a challenge… but the lace is so pretty and it did add a nice touch to the yellow:)

Next I embellished the outside of the cage with cute vintage teal resin flowers that I had gotten for a great deal from Pick Your Plum. I LOVE Pick Your Plum!

What’s a bird cage without a bird?! So of course I added a bird (hehe). This little guy was the perfect vintage teal color to complete the project. He originally came with a wire bow tied around his neck, but I substituted it with lace. I used temporary adhesive to glue him on in case I decide to change it up again in the future.

Now my bird cage is all ready for my spring mantel! What do you think?

Be sure to come back because I’ll be showing you more of my thirft shopping finds!

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