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Last spring I whipped up a couple of pillows for a quick fix.

Anybody recognize them? I’d be surprised if anybody does! They were only in the background of some of the pictures in previous posts. Well, I think they have served their purpose very well, but I think it is time to give them a makeover. I love the fabric, but I wanted to spice them up. I had just enough fabric to do so!

From Plain Jane to all ruffled up! Doesn’t it look cute?

For the second pillow I made a ruffled flower. Which one do you guys like better?

There’s my Bloomingdale’s pillow knock off in the back. It’s odd that it looks smaller than the ruffled pillow when they are the exact same size! Huh!

Since the front and back of the pillows were already sewn together, I couldn’t sew on my ruffles with my sewing machine. I had to sew the ruffles by hand. Eek! I am so sloooooooow when it comes to hand sewing!! It felt like it took forever to get them done, but I was very pleased with the end result. It was worth it! Besides, it never hurts to get some practice, right?

I’m loving my pillows, and sure hope ya’ll do too!

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