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Suraya’s pillows are done! I think they turned out cute! Suraya thought so too!

I mixed them up with ruffles and flowers working with fabric I already had on hand. I’m going with the purple, aqua, and pink color scheme, so these three fabrics couldn’t have been more perfect! If you recall, I did tell you I have a “fabric shop” in my house… well that’s what my hubby calls it:) I have an addiction to fabric (as if I’m alone on this one… ha!), I see fabric I like I buy it. But since I’ve set my new rule I told you about in this post, I’ve been good. Again, it is not easy folks!! Anyway, back to the pillows…

For the fabric that I used for the largest pillow, I had enough fabric to make the cover and only three ruffles. I couldn’t decide if I should put the ruffles off to one side or center them, but I opted for the one side. What do you guys think? Unlike the ruffled pillows I shared in this post, I did machine sew the ruffles on this time since I was starting from scratch for the cover. Boy did I zoom right through these pillows!

For this pillow I did want to bring in the aqua and pink so I did it with aqua rosettes and pink gem stones. I initially had planned on making three rosettes, but I only had two pink gem stones. I think I do like it better with two anyway.

I went with circle flowers for this pillow. I wanted to keep it simple and whimsy. I did sew each circle on in two’s except for the last circle. I hand stitched the last one with embroidery thread in the center. I used the same aqua fabric I used for the rosettes for the alternating circles to help the flowers pop.

Monogram done… pillows done! Now on to the next project for Suraya’s room..ehem, I mean side of the room! Oh, in case you’re wondering about Susu’s side of the room.. well she wants to do it herself:)

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