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Teacher Appreciation Week is next week, so this week I want to share some gift ideas with you. I’ve been seeing so many adorable ideas out there especially involving school’s favorite yellow writing tool.. the good old reliable No. 2 pencil! I’ve seen cutely packaged real pencils as well in edible form like cookies and candy. I started thinking what other form can I make an edible pencil. Pretzels… but of course! I know I’m not the only one that has come up with this idea, so I set out to search to see what others have done. Surprisingly I only came across a couple of sites with the idea… I’m sure there may be more out there and maybe not with proper tags for Google to find them. From what I found, my favorite ones were from Parents Magazine’s website. Super duper cute!

I gathered my supplies and went off to work!

At first I wasn’t going to roll the pretzels in the chocolate like the instructions that Parents Magazine say to do and had planned on dipping the pretzels instead. Then I realized two things: 1. Rolling them will give them a thinner coating instead of a bulky one that dipping them can give, and 2. For dipping you would need 2-3 bags to fill a tall tupperware or cup, when all you really need is one bag. So to avoid wasting chocolate (and $) I went with the rolling method. Of course, if you feel more comfortable with dipping, dip away!

Oh, by the way, be sure to add vegetable oil to thin out your chocolate. Parents Magazine instructions tell you do so too.

After all the pretzels have been rolled in the yellow chocolate, and once they are dry, it’s time to make the “erasures”! I used a cookie cooling rack for this part so I can let the “erasure” ends hang from the edge allowing any access chocolate to drip off.

The final step, piping on the pencil details in green. This part was much easier and faster than I expected. Overall, these “pencils” were fast and easy to make!

They may not be as perfect as Parents Magazine’s “pencils”, but I still love the way they came out!

Now on to packaging them. I will share that with you too, but in another post. Come back to check it out!

What are some ideas that you have for Teacher Appreciation Week?

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