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Remember the gold clutch I purchased from the Randolph Street Market Festival? I told you that if I do a makeover to it that I would share it. Well, here it is!

The new look I gave the clutch was actually accidental. I had purchased a vintage looking gold and ivory lace headband from Hobby Lobby, but it was too tight. Boy was I disappointed. Out of disappointment, I just tossed it on my craft table. It happened to land directly on my new gold clutch! As I glanced over and did a second take, I knew exactly how I would do the makeover for the clutch!

I gathered up some buttons and a chain that I thought I may possibly use as part of the makeover.

I removed the elastic from the back of the lace and tucked the ends in and hot glued them down. Then picked out buttons that I thought looked the best and hot glued them on.

Lastly, I switched out the old dinky chain with one I had left over from a bracelet I had made Susu once upon a time.

Makeover complete! I love the new look of my new clutch! What do you guys think of it?

I surely will be using this for this weekend’s wedding! Yup, the wedding I’ve been preparing for has finally arrived. The girls are so excited… they’ve been counting down the days! I really don’t think anyone is more excited than they are! As for me, I’m not into the whole wedding scene, but I sure am excited to be using my new clutch;)

Come find my new clutch over at the linky parties found HERE.