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Most people that know me personally or outside my blog, know me as the cake girl. For those that know me through my blog know me more as a crafter. Since I’ve started my blog, I’ve done less cake decorating and more crafting. Unless those that personally know me follow my blog, they may not realize that about me. I love cake decorating, and as I mentioned in a couple previous posts, it was the start of my journey into the creative world. However, I have been slowly removing myself from that role and moving myself more into the the crafting role. I’m by no means abandoning the cake decorating world… I love it too much to do that :D With that said, I still encourage people to inquire about placing an order with me, and if I am able to (and if in the mood;) ) I may still take your order. This strictly applies to cakes. I am more open to taking orders for cupcakes and cake pops, as well as small cookie orders.

As the cake girl, I would make cakes for my family (usually for the kiddies) at no cost to them and without them asking me. Lately, even my family has been neglected in this area… sorry guys! Realizing that, my brother last week calls me and tells me “I’m calling to place a cake order for my son’s birthday.” He was calling as a client and not as my brother…LOL! For clients, my ordering policy is I must have a minimum two weeks notice… but I let the one week notice slide;) Thankfully I had everything I needed on hand!

Since this was a family only party, my sister-in-law kept it simple. She decided to make balloons the theme with the standard “primary” colors for the color scheme and fill the room with balloons and streamers for the decor. Basically, she just gathered whatever she had from previous parties and called it a day…that’s her idea of party planning! So the opposite of me! LOL! She did buy cute tins for each kid and filled them with treats and prizes. For one of the activities, she had each child decorate their own balloons with stickers. She bought stickers that were specifically for balloon decorating so each child had stickers to make their own balloon animal. I thought that was a really cute idea and all the kiddies enjoyed it!

Simple theme meant a simple enough cake design. I must say this was the fastest cake I’ve ever put together. I think it turned out adorable! It was a 9″ half chocolate and half yellow cake with strawberry filling and buttercream finish.

I do find joy in cake decorating, which is why I can’t eliminate it from my life altogether.  It is one of the loves of my life, but it’s just not the creative means I want to make my focus at that moment. I hope that’s ok with everyone… and if it’s not, all I can say is “sorry”:(

If you would like to see my previous cake work, you can find it in my I make cakes album on my Flickr page.

I’ll be sharing my cake at these awesome linky parties! Come on by and get yourself a piece! :P