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Whenever I make a trip to Anthropologie (and Godiva for my free monthly truffle!), I tend to cut through Bloomingdale’s (Home) because there’s almost always a parking spot for me there. That one spot as if it’s waiting just for me! Back in September, on one of my trips, as I was passing through Bloomingdale’s on my way back to my car, I spotted this pillow…

I absolutely LOVED the pillow, but not for $118! I decided I’m going to make one myself, so I quickly snapped a picture with my iPhone. As you can see, at a quick glance the pillow appears to be covered in doilies, but in actuality they are not. But that’s what I was going to use to imitate the design of this pillow! I have not had the chance to actually make the pillow until recently. I know, took me long enough:P Anyway, here is my version….

Pretty close, don’t ya think?! I LOVE it!! I honestly wasn’t expecting to find fabric that is practically the exact same color! The doilies come from different places and were different shades. One of the doilies was already a similar beige to the original pillow. In order to get the other doilies the same shade (or close to same) as the one doily, I dyed them with tea. They didn’t have to soak for long before reaching the desired color. I sewed the doilies on first before sewing the front and back of the pillow together. And VOILA! You’ve got yourself a copycat! Just last week I passed through Bloomingdale’s again, and the pillow was still there at regular price!

I had found some of the doilies I used at an antique shop. Along with those cotton doilies, I also found oh so pretty vintage lace doilies that I just couldn’t pass up! Wanna see how I used them?

Another pillow of course! Hey, I was in pillow mode:P This one is no copycat… my own personal design! What do you think?

Inspiration is everywhere! I hope you found some in today’s post!

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